Regarding the video work of Kyle’s output his heaviest influences are Terry Gilliam of Monty Python, Jan Švankmajer and David Lynch. His work is short, concise and typically dense but also bare the mark of minimalism and silence reminiscent of the overall work of John Cage. Comical in many natures yet dark and twisted. He has also collaborated with the puppet duo of Sajja and Kabba and company through the commercial work with puppeteer and videographer Travis Marsala


Kyle’s animations are heavily influenced by Terry Gilliam and the work that he did for Monty Python, as well as, the work of Jan Švankmajer. The often comical or youthful little videos are typically flat cut-outs or simple drawings often coupled with green screen to allow for more layering and digital visual-effects. The hand drawn elements of his work are reminiscent of Eric Carle children’s picture books often done with either water color or beeswax crayons. A relatively new medium in Kyle’s vast collection of work, it is continuing to grow and develop.

Commercial Work

Commercial work for both Timeless Toys in Lincoln Square and Jimmy Beans Coffee in Logan Square, both located in Chicago, IL. Videography by Travis Marsala.

The Lucky Trikes